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Another Restart [Aug. 26th, 2011|04:29 pm]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]

Another huge break in posts because of laziness. And another (most likely) short-lived attempt to post up here regularly.

I am currently on funeral detail. From the 29th - 4th, I'm on call to perform military funerals for the area. Ft. Sill is responsible for Oklahoma, northern Texas, and Arkansas. So, for that week I could be traveling to anywhere in that region to carry the casket, fire volleys and fold the flag for some veteran who's died.

Today went before the Soldier of the Month board. Think of it as an oral exam by a group of first sergeants where they can ask questions on Army history, law, policies, training, etc. Though correct answers aren't everything the first sergeants are looking for. To determine a winner PT score, marksmanship, appearance, military bearing and confidence are factored in. Unfortunately I didn't win this time. There's next month, though, and, really, the experience is worth far more than the prize in my eyes. When promotion time rolls around I'll be put through this same process to earn my chevrons. THe practice and face time is welcome.

Currently reading the fifth Game of Thrones book. When that's finished I intend to try Hunger Games.

Gonna be in Syracuse mid-October for a college buddy's wedding. I'm best man. Already had the bachelor party. After that I'm hoping my next vacation will be in Florida. My oldest brother John just got assigned to Hurlburt AFB. Gotta love free lodging in vacation zones.