Wow. It's like I'm a teacher again

I am only working half this month. No, that's not hyperbole. There's the last four-day weekend for Veteran's Day. Then there's the Thanksgiving four-day. The two normal weekends gives me 12 days off this month. Now tomorrow I leave for a three day Single Soldiers Retreat down in Dallas. That's fifteen out of thirty November days I have off. Damn. Teachers are the only professionals I know that have a near equivalent of vacation days set in their schedule.
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I start Modern Army Combative certification next week. It's a five day course to become level 1 certified. I don't know much. I know MAC is a mix of Brazilian JuJitzu and Greco-Roman wrestling. I also know the final test is to be continually punched in the head with 16oz gloves until you can restrain your attacker.
Next week's gonna be painful.
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Halloween Wedding

I spent the weekend in New York for my college friends' wedding. I met Ben way back before freshman year during orientation. We were best buds and roommates for all our time at Bonas. Jess showed up sophomore year. The two hit it off and have been together ever since.

The ceremony was held in the Belhurst Castle off Seneca Lake in Geneva, NY. Very swanky place. The theme was Halloween. Jess's dress was white and orange, there was a candy bar, the cake was three pumpkins on top of eachother, the bridemaids' bouquets were in tiny, cast-iron cauldrons.

I was bestman. I'd say I did a pretty kick-ass job at it. The bachelor party was fun, I didn't lose the rings, and my toast was awesome. Yes, awesome. I had laughter, 'awww's and actual tears from the audience.

Photos are up on FB for those who care.
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How did that happen?

While I was home over the weekend I met a girl. On a whim I invited her to this year's St. Barbara's Day Ball. St. Barb is the patron saint of field artillary. Ft. Sill celebrates her saint day annually since we are primarily an artially post. To my utter surprise my invite was accepted. She was downright excited about it. That by itself threw me for a loop. Today I got a text from her. My immediate thought was a change of mind (birds fly, fish swim, women cancel plans with me. sort of a natural law). Instead, she tells me she mentioned the ball to her roommate and now she'd like to go. "Do you have any friends who'd like to take her?" I'm totally dicombobulated here. I've got a woman saying 'yes' to me, she's actually excited about it, and now I'm asked to play matchmaker! I think I fell into an alternate time stream or something.
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Real Steel

Went and saw the new robot movie yesterday. I was entertained....though I don't need much to be. There was a nice father/son dynamic with boxing 'bots. That's an awesome combo. First time in a while I watched a kid in a movie I didn't want to throw into a wood chipper.
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Columbus Day

This weekend is a 4day weekend in celebration of Columbus Day. I was able to wrangle a 5day for myself. A buddy was scheduled for 24 hour staff duty yesterday, but needed the day free. I volunteered to cover his 9am-9am shift. Wasn't completely selfless. Rule is when you work 24 hours you get 24 hours off. That means I was free of Thursday's workday; an headstart on my weekend. Spending it in Dallas, of course, with the folks and former coworkers.

In other news I won last week's Soldier of the Month Board. Pretty sure I described it in an earlier post. Now I'm competing in the Soldier of the Quarter Board. That'll be in late November.


This is turning into an interesting week. Today was the start of combatives for PT. My platoon sergeant has been wanting to incorporate MAC (Modern Army Combatives) into the company for a while. He's real gung-ho about it. With new commander and 1st sergeant he's finally gotten his wish. It was fun. We'll see how often we actually go to the fighthouse.
The rest of the week's PT is going to be equally entertaining. Tomorrow is the obstacle....I mean confidence course. I always enjoy climbing shit. And then the day after that is ruckmarch followed by landnav.

Adding to the excitement was the car collision I witnessed on my way home from work. Cadillac didn't see the Ford stopped at the light and rearended him near 40mph. The Ford driver ended up hitting his head against the steering wheel. Some bleeding on the foreheard, dazed but still conscious.
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Spending the weekend in Oklahoma City. Went to a gun range, then went to the State Fair, and just returned from the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial and Museum. The fair was full of fun, fattening foods. I love clogging my arteries.
The memorial was....complex. There's a large open area with reflective pool, but on the south end are lots of cubbyholes and aisles. It may be a demeaning thought, but walking through it I came to the conclusion it would be a great setting for a movie escape. Anyway, the museum and memorial are thought provoking and worth seeing if in the area.
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